At Lyn Jewels we guarantee that all our jewelry is made with high quality materials. However, it’s still recommended that you follow these suggested simple care instructions and your jewelry pieces will thank you!

  • Remember to keep your pieces in the Lyn Jewels pouches they arrive in to keep them from scratching. Although you should note that the pouches are not made to keep your jewelry in perfect condition for a long period. It is also better to keep your Sterling Silver pieces in a tight plastic pouch/bag as silver will tarnish when exposed to air.
  • Avoid keeping your jewelry in places with high humidity like bathrooms.
  • It’s highly recommended to avoid any direct use of all sorts of harsh chemicals (ex: perfumes, skin care products, cleaning products, detergents etc.) on your jewelry. Also remember to remove your jewelry before showering or going into a pool/sauna/jacuzzi or to the beach.
  • Wearing your jewelry to bed is also not recommended. The sweat on your skin would eventually damage the pieces.
  • If you notice that your jewelry is tarnished you can try to get rid of the tarnish that formed on it. For gold-plated pieces you clean them using a good cotton cloth made specifically to clean gold jewelry. Your silver pieces can be cleaned by simply dipping your pieces in a good silver cleaning solution, however using these silver dips too often is not recommended. Using cotton cloths is also good to clean silver.

Remember that following these instructions will help maintain your jewelry in good condition for a decent period, but it absolutely does not mean that Lyn Jewels guarantees the pieces are going to last forever.
We hope you enjoy wearing your pieces while also making sure they are well maintained and loved, caring for them makes a huge difference!

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